J. Hargreaves Industry: The Collection

J. Hargreaves Industry presents its first jewelry collection, inhabiting a fantastical world of magical animals and mythical creatures. At once playful and raw, and visually stunning, this collection gives a contemporary nod to Rococo and Romantic artists. Cast from hand-carved wax molds using a variety of metals and gems, each J. Hargreaves Industry piece tells a bewitching and bejeweled tale.

Jessica Hargreaves’ textured and organic style is enlivened by a bold use of allegory and archetype with a dash of the absurd. The gems in the gargoyle-like beasts sparkle in dynamic counterpoint to the primal nature of the animals depicted—their raw power, their ferocity, their playful lack of inhibition. Instinctual and irreverent. A compelling reminder of the irrepressible animal energies inside us all.

Jessica Hargreaves

Jessica Hargreaves is a jewelry designer and fine artist, originally from London. Her career began in fashion upon graduating from Central Saint Martin's School of Art. She worked as a designer and illustrator for companies including J. Crew, Liz Claiborne, TBWA, Grey and The Martin Agency. She then went on to get her MFA from The Art Institute in Chicago in 2006 and has been designing jewelry since 2014. Jessica currently lives and works in New York City.